Friday, December 27, 2013

Master FX for real time processing

In one track I used Master FX for real time processing at mixing. Three recorded instrumental tracks (mono) processed by two iPads. Two tracks on one iPad (in two separated channels mode) and one on other. Stereo output from both iPads came to mixing console. Other tracks were processed by other devices.

One iPad processes the Clavia Nord Lead and Roland Juno-60. On first screenshot below it's first three slots for one instrument channel and next three for another (slots configuration on the second screenshot). The third screenshot from other iPad which processes Moog Slim Phatty track.

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Processing and mixing of all tracks was performed in real time on two iPads and others digital and analog devices. Very low latency time allows to use Master FX app together with any other devices (even analog) without audible delays of signal. And with using of external audio interface for iPad (I use Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) the quality of sound processing also is high.

Before and after demo of processing:

iPad used in this track not only for sound processing. One of part was created on a very interesting musical application Virtual ANS.

Final track:

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