Wednesday, January 10, 2018

AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb ver. 2.2 has been released

The realistic sound of famous reverb gears in your iPad and iPhone. Includes a large built-in library of the highest quality reverb impulses taken from actual devices and possibility to upload your own impulses of reverb spaces. Intuitive and compact user interface for maximum ease and efficiency. 

You can use this application together with Inter-App Audio hosts (like a DAW, Mixer, Recorders or Audio file managers) or with Audiobus for adding studio quality reverberation effects to the sound of other music applications or pre-recorded tracks.

AltiSpace can also be used with external audio interfaces for real-time sound processing. Suitable for live performance or in the studio together with other equipment.

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What's in this update:

  • Audiobus 3 supported.
  • iOS 11 compatibility update.
  • Sound engine optimization.
  • Minor bugs were fixed.

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