Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Audio Mastering series applications

Know more about Audio Mastering series applications!

Audio Mastering
The first fully functional audio mastering application with professional quality delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, punch and warmth to your mix.

AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb
The realistic sound of famous reverb gears for your iPad and iPhone!

Master Record
Tape simulation recorder, player and effect for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

Master FX
Multipurpose effect processor for guitar, synthesizer and voice, providing a wide range of high-quality and creative effects options for audio processing.

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iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces
Using an external audio interface with iPhone/iPad can give you the best sound quality. But of course, external interface or dock station should have its own AD/DA converters better than built-in iPhone/iPad. This is especially important for recording or mastering process.

The most famous reverb gears
Several famous reverb gears, everything with own unique presets and sounding.