Friday, August 30, 2013

Several test samples

Several test samples of different algorithms for new sound processing application for iPad. The new app is currently under development but already much has been done, and soon it will be available.

In these samples were used dry record of voice, guitar and complex signal. And all of it were processed by new algorithms of Reverb, Chorus, Pitch modulator and Delay that will be used in new app. The main feature of these algorithms will be soft, realistic sounding like well-known old but wonderful gears such as Roland Dimension D, EMT 250, Ursa major space station, Electro Harmonix and other great devices.

All news will be here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Master Record 1.1 has been released

More effect modes, more presets, more creativity!

  • Added two additional flutter modes (detune).
  • Additional mode to increase dynamic part of noise.
  • New type of noise like vinyl records.
  • Sharing files on SoundCloud web service (you will need free SoundCloud account).
  • Dubbing into compressed formats FLAC, M4A, MP3.
  • New option Normalize level of track at dubbing.
  • Possibility to select recording (hardware) sample rate.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Audio Mastering version 1.4 available on the App Store

New version 1.4 of Audio Mastering for iPad has been released.

What's new:

- Added lossless compression format FLAC.
- Added output file format M4A (MPEG4).
- Sharing files on SoundCloud web service.
- Option "Open file in" sends file directly to other audio application.
- Built-in description updated.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Audio Mastering demo from Rude Duke

This demo is very well shows the possibilities of Audio Mastering for finalize professional recorded tracks.

Thanks to Rude Duke for kindly providing the track.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Upcoming updates

Some news about the upcoming updates. New version of Audio Mastering 1.4 already submitted for review to App Store. Here is what new in it will be:

  • Added lossless compression format FLAC.
  • Added output file format M4A.
  • Possibility to share file on SoundCloud web service.
  • Option "Open file in" sends file directly to other audio application.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

And then, the expected update of Master Record 1.1. After about a couple of weeks.

I already saw some opinions that effects flutter and noise not so audible. In fact, they give a very interesting sound (something very analog :) on the complex signal is at low values​​. If it do more, it will be a distortion. But everyone wants to decide for himself what he needs. So I'll leave the existing mode and add new, more audible. This will be in version 1.1:

  • Two additional flutter modes. With greater frequency, something like an old cassette player and with a lower frequency more like a faulty mechanical part of reel to reel.
  • Additional mode to increase the level of noise.
  • Additional type of noise like vinyl records.
  • Share file on SoundCloud web service.
  • Dubbing to compressed formats FLAC, M4A, MP3

In the meantime, Before and After demo of track processed in Master Record from Red Sky Lullaby.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

MasterRecord review - analog warmth for your iPad recording

New excellent review of Master Record from John Walden for Music App Blog.

MasterRecord music app review - analog warmth for your iPad recording.

- "If you are building a comprehensive app collection for your iPad-based recording studio, then Igor Vasiliev’s Audio Mastering app most certainly ought to be part of that. It is an excellent mastering solution implemented brilliantly in an iPad-scaled context.

Master Record is perhaps a slightly different type of case and a somewhat more niche application. It might not be the first app you buy after you have installed your chosen DAW app and I suspect there might be a few others (a guitar amp sim, a few synths and Audio Mastering itself for a start) that you might want to acquire before MasterRecord bubbles up to the top of your shopping list.

But, if you already have that app collection in place and are looking to build upon it and add to your already extensive iPad recording options, MasterRecord is another excellent piece to slot into the jigsaw. Its processing might not be as dramatic as some other effect-type apps but that’s exactly what’s intended; a subtle - but highly flexible - dose of analog-style warmth in an very easy-to-use format. And whether it’s for use with existing files or to process live recording via Audiobus on its way into your DAW, the results are very good indeed.

In MasterRecord, Igor Vasilev has produced another iOS music app masterpiece. It may be a specialist tool, but it is well worth the price of entry for all well-stocked iOS recording workflows. Buy it and feel the warmth…. :-)"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Modular and Master Record on iPad

Would you like to something new with your modular gears? How about using iPad with it? Quality processing on iPad can give your sounds new dimension. And, convenient recording.

Modular and Master Record for iPad demo. Thanks to Ted James Butler (