Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

No more news in this year. But what about next? Of course year will be full of new experiences and ideas. Very soon in new year will be released new version of Audio Mastering application for iPad.

It will be totally new sound engine inside. A whole new level of audio quality. The quality of sound processing will be better than in any other mobile app and even better than in the most VST plug-ins of the similar direction.

And yes, such nice things as support Inter-App Audio, additional color schemes like Master FX and advanced control mode. You will have standard control interface as it's now or you can switch to advanced control interface with parametric equalizer (instead graphic) and additional modes in other sections. Both these modes work on new sound engine and you will have the best quality, regardless of the mode. Not in the new but in the next after, will be high quality multiband compressor in addition to maximizer.

Great news at the end of year! Audio Mastering in the Top 10 iOS music apps 2013. Know more about other apps:

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Happy new year everybody!

Igor Vasiliev