Monday, June 27, 2016

Audio Mastering series apps

Audio Mastering

The first fully functional audio mastering application with professional quality delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, punch and warmth to your mix. Buy it on App Store >>>

AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb

The realistic sound of famous reverb gears for your iPad and iPhone! Buy it on App Store >>>

Master Record

Tape simulation recorder, player and effect for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Buy it on App Store >>>

Master FX

Multipurpose effect processor for guitar, synthesizer and voice, providing a wide range of high-quality and creative effects options for audio processing. Buy it on App Store >>>

Friday, June 24, 2016

Upcoming updates of SoundScaper app

In the next several updates of SoundScaper will be improved user interface (not a totally changed but will prepared for new functions), added new MIDI options, supported Dropbox, extended built-in sound library, added new control options for oscillators, new morphing features and new automation.

And then after those updates will be added a completely new control tool that opens for SoundScaper new dimension of composing and performing. But more about this feature a bit later :)