Friday, April 25, 2014

More new features in upcoming Audio Mastering 2.5

Besides two new features "Compare settings" and "Apply part of preset" in the upcoming Audio Mastering v. 2.5 will be added some more very useful additions.

Advanced mode for spectrum analyzer

For the spectrum analyzer in Equalizer section added new spectrum mode - continuous line. In this mode also can enable showing the maximum values of spectrum and make snapshot of spectrum for comparison the current and saved spectrum. With this feature you can estimate which frequencies should be corrected and compare two spectrum before and after correcting at the same time.

Peak marks in Compressor section graph

In the Compressor section graph of signals were added time marks and peak value marks for the uncompressed signal (before compressor) and for compression level graph. These marks will help more precisely set the compression parameters and control the work of compressor.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New features in upcoming Audio Mastering ver. 2.5

Compare settings

New mode for compare processing settings. This mode activated by button "Compare" in the presets panel and replaces the preset hotkeys.

In this mode you can reduce level of output signal after all processing modules and make it equal to the input level.

This enables estimate all processing changes at equal loudness of input and output signals. You can compare A and B settings or compare source and processed signal.

Also in this panel shows the average values of Peak level and RMS values for input and output at the same time.

Apply part of preset

Two new options "Apply" and "Apply part" in the preset manager allow you apply selected preset from the list or apply settings only for specific processing module.

Option "Apply part" lets you assemble new preset from several others or apply the settings for processing modules from different presets.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Audio Mastering 2.4 has been released

What's new:

- Improved Stereo Imaging module.
- New visualization tools for Stereo Imaging.
- Added reduction level meters for Compressor.
- Low and High cut filters in Equalizer.
- Added new presets manager.
- Copy, paste, email and share presets.
- Built-in description updated.
- Bug fixes.

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