Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Master FX for iPad - Reverb

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Level: Fader controls the output level of effect (0 - 100%).

Pre delay: Fader sets the amount of delay before reverb (0 - 127 ms).

Decay: Fader sets the reverberation time (RT60 1.0 - 4.175 sec).

Size: Fader sets the relative room size of the reverb (0 - 150%).

LPF: Buttons control of low pass filter in the reverb signal (8 kHz, 4 kHz, 2 kHz).

Phase Inv: Button reverses the phase of reverb tail.

Type: Buttons control the early reflections density. Reflection type has only six early reflections without diffusion. This gives very natural sounding reverberation. It is well suited for harmonic signals without clearly noticeable transients, such voices, synths, guitars and etc. Diffusion type has a lot of diffused early reflection. It is the best choice for drums, percussion and complex signals.

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