Monday, May 12, 2014

One year of Audio Mastering for iPad

A year ago the first version of application Audio Mastering for iPad has been released.

Although the first version had only the basic set of sound processing tools this was the first application for iPad that gives everyone the possibility to bring their final mixes to the next level.

The first Audio Mastering had four sections of audio processing - Ten-band graphic equallizer, Harmonic saturator, Three-band stereo imaging and Loudness maximizer (based on break-wall limiter). All controls were placed on the same panel. Three other panels contain File manager, Waveform view and Settings.

But already from the first version in the application have been implemented its main features - unique sounding, high quality audio processing algorithms and precise control of all processing parameters, things are essential for any mastering.

Even using a basic set of processing tools you could make your mixes brighter and more intense just by listening to them and slightly changing the parameters. This is a simple and easy way to make the sound better. The basic mode also available in the latest version.

In the next versions of Audio Mastering were supported Audiobus, Dropbox and SoundCloud services. In the application were added many new features and improvements that made work with Audio Mastering more convenient.

After publish the new version of iOS 7.0 the application has support Inter-App Audio feature.

Besides using Audio Mastering as standalone mastering application with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio you could use Audio Mastering together with other music application like DAW, recorders, audio managers and many others.

Also Audio Mastering supports external input/output feature and all compatible with iOS external audio interfaces. With these interfaces it is possible to use this application in the studio as sound processor with other audio equipment with really high quality audio at high sample rate.

Version 2.0

After about half a year was released new Audio Mastering 2.0. It was a next step for this application.

New, totally updated 32-bit audio engine. New sound processing algorithms. Even more excited sound and new mastering tools. Among the major additions in the new version also were Parametric equalizer and Spectrum analyzer.

After the release of this version the main direction of development was expansion of the mastering functionality.

In the several next versions were added Multiband compressor, Reverb specially designed for complex signal, new processing visualization tools and many other features needed for the audio mastering.

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One of the most requested things - Multiband compressor, according to its users "opens up some nice options to sculpt your sound and tweak till your heart is content".

Current version

Today, the current version of Audio Mastering is the most comprehensive mastering tool with professional quality audio processing. This application brings all the key processing options usually associated with the final "mastering" stage of audio production into a single, iOS-sized bit of software.

In addition to the complete set of audio processing tools, application includes the file manager with wide possibilities of sharing and uploading audio files, converting formats, changing bit depth and sample rates and exchanging audio files between applications.

Waveform view of track provide features to make fade-in and fade-out, process only part of track (for example, as preview), loop mode for selected area and others.

Preset manager allows to make preset from current processing parameters which you would like to use in future for other tracks. Also the preset manager has features to organize and sharing presets.

[ Audio Mastering for iPad technical specification ]

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