Thursday, May 1, 2014

Audio Mastering for iPad v. 2.5 has been released

Audio Mastering the first mastering application for iPad with professional quality audio processing has been updated to version 2.5.

What's new in this version:

New spectrum analyzer modes.
Get max, snapshot and compare spectrums.
Applying part of preset and combine settings from different presets.
Comparison A / B with the equal loudness level.
Peak and time markers on compressor signals graph.
Built-in description updated.

[ More about Audio Mastering for iPad ]

Short video review:

What people say about this app:

"I was searching for an app that does the mastering work differently than what dozens other apps I tried do. First i needed a reliable tool that does not crash randomly, an app that is easy to use and packed with many options anyway. I also wanted a responding support if needed Hard to find nowadays! That's when I wrote and exchanged with Audio Mastering developper (telling them I do not trust big mastering apps and need something good). At first opening of Audio Mastering, I knew it was the app I wanted: beautiful, easy. And packed with functions only found in professional studios and not found on other apps like: 

1) Giant waveform screen for precise work.
2) Incredible equalizer that alone is worth hundred time the app cost (believe me : this equalizer nails the ones I tried in more costly apps).
3) An imaging page with presets (never saw elsewhere).
4) A dynamics page with tons of sound shaping possibilities. 
5) Import-export cream! On top of that, developer is super friendly. 

I recommand it!"

Marc Bestgen

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