Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Master Record for iPad - Technical specification

iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces
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Supported input files formats:
  • .wav .aif .aiff .mp3 .mp4 .m4a .aac .caf .au .snd

Supported output files formats:
  • .wav .aif

Supported sample rates:
  • 44.1, 48 kHz

Supported bit depth:
  • 16, 24, 32

  • Dithering with noise shaping.

Processing sections:
  • High quality 32 bits processing algorithms.
  • Individual input gain control for each channel from -6 db to +18 db. Possible to link gain controls. Selecting input channels for mono or stereo recording and dubbing.
  • Classical two bands shelf equalizer. Low band is 200 Hz, +/- 6 db. High band is 12 kHz, +/- 6 db.
  • Tape recorder effect with three types of frequency response and controlled wow/flutter level. Frequency response type:
    • "Linear" - Almost linear frequency response with slight variations.
    • "Boost" - Frequency response is similar as high tape speed, low bias, wide track width, master tape recorders.
    • "Cut" - Frequency response is similar as low tape speed, high bias, multitrack recorders.
  • Tape saturation effect with three types of saturation and level control. Saturation type:
    • "Normal" - Normal saturation similar to the optimal level on tube equipment or tape recorders.
    • "Warmth" - High saturation similar to the high recording level on tape recorders with partial limiting of signal.
    • "Overload" - Very high saturation similar to the overloaded amplifier stages.
  • Noise effect with four types of noise. Noise type:
    • "Console" - Noise typical for old school analog mixing consoles.
    • "Reel" - Reel tape recorders noise.
    • "Cassette" - Cassette recorders and portastudio noise.
    • "Tube" - Tube amplifiers noise.
  • High quality limiter for prevents clipping.

File exchange:
  • Possibility upload and download files through Web access service in local WiFi network.
  • Exchange audio data between applications compatible with AudioCopy / AudioPaste.
  • Option "Open in" sends file to another audio application.
  • Access to files through iTunes file share.

Audiobus support:
  • Can use with Audiobus in Effects or Output position. In both modes can record processed output. Button "Record" available on Audiobus connection panel.

  • Apple iPad 2 and higher is strongly recommended (especially with Audiobus). Generally this application can be run with iPad 1 but there is possibility of dropping the signal out when playback or use Audiobus. Offline processing can be done with any iPads quite well.