Thursday, April 17, 2014

New features in upcoming Audio Mastering ver. 2.5

Compare settings

New mode for compare processing settings. This mode activated by button "Compare" in the presets panel and replaces the preset hotkeys.

In this mode you can reduce level of output signal after all processing modules and make it equal to the input level.

This enables estimate all processing changes at equal loudness of input and output signals. You can compare A and B settings or compare source and processed signal.

Also in this panel shows the average values of Peak level and RMS values for input and output at the same time.

Apply part of preset

Two new options "Apply" and "Apply part" in the preset manager allow you apply selected preset from the list or apply settings only for specific processing module.

Option "Apply part" lets you assemble new preset from several others or apply the settings for processing modules from different presets.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Audio Mastering 2.4 has been released

What's new:

- Improved Stereo Imaging module.
- New visualization tools for Stereo Imaging.
- Added reduction level meters for Compressor.
- Low and High cut filters in Equalizer.
- Added new presets manager.
- Copy, paste, email and share presets.
- Built-in description updated.
- Bug fixes.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Share presets in Audio Mastering 2.4

Another new and very useful feature in Audio Mastering 2.4 will be Preset Manager. With this manager you can easy editing list of presets, change their order, copy, paste and send by email.

But the most interesting option it is share preset. If you making presets for different genres and styles or just for own tracks, share them with the community! Maybe someone will find them useful for yourself. Maybe you will find interesting presets from others.

The sharing of presets is simple. When you share the preset it encoded as text and will be sent through your Twitter account with hashtag #AM2Preset (you will need set Twitter account in the device settings). The application finds all shared presets and show the list of which you have not.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Coming soon. Audio Mastering 2.4

New version of Audio Mastering 2.4 will have visualization tool for more accurate control of Stereo Imaging. Mid-Side vector indicator shows phase difference between stereo channels. Length of vector shows relative volume level.

With this indicator you can measure presence of stereo signal, width of stereo, offset of channels level and possible presence of phase distortion.

The next part is a Side channel's spectrum analyzer. Bars show presence and relative level of stereo signal on different frequencies. Also this meter shows frequency space for three-band Stereo Imaging module.

Click on image to enlarge

The main features of Audio Mastering for iPad it's precision control and professional quality audio processing.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Palm Sounds: My app of the week is ...

Palm Sounds: My app of the week is ... Audio Mastering Studio, and here's why

This is an older track that I decided to rework on my iPad mini using Effectrix. The original track was made in Aurora Sound Studio HD. Once I'd got the main track recorded in AudioShare I then mastered using the following chain in audiobus:

AudioShare > Master FX > Audio Mastering Studio

It made me realise that there's so much depth in these apps, depth that I just haven't touched at all as yet. I am just scratching the surfare. Not that that's a bad thing. It does mean that there's loads more to get to grips with and learn.

Especially in Audio Mastering, which is one reason it's my app of the week this week. 

Audio Mastering for iPad ver. 2.2

New version of Audio Mastering 2.2 has been released. Several bugs fixed (incl. audio clipboard operations).

What's next:

  • Presets manager with sharing presets, email, copy and paste.
  • Additional separation frequencies for Stereo Imaging.
  • New Stereo Imaging visualization.
  • Low / Hi cut in Equalizer.
  • Improved reverb module.

All of this in version 2.3. I'll be very grateful for the support of this application. Just rate it leaving a short review in the Apple App Store.