Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Something new!

The first convolution reverb for iPad and iPhone. The most realistic sound of a very famous reverb gears. Includes a more than 100 samples of factory presets from different devices. Supports 64-bits processing. Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Has many options to tweak sample - parametric eq, envelope, stereo base, modulation, pre-delay, length.

Coming soon.

What is "Convolution reverb" -

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iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces


  1. This looks great! Any date set for the release?

  2. no news?:) what will be the intro price pls!? also how long wav size it will load/apply? thanks

  3. App status "waiting for review". Introductory price is $5.99. Maximum IR sample length 4.26 sec.