Sunday, February 23, 2014

AM21: Review of update

Great review of update Audio Mastering 2.1 from Music App Blog

Music App Blog - Audio Mastering Update

More about Audio Mastering
Technical specification


  1. Hello,
    after the update to 2.1 "incompatible audio file format in clipboard" when i use paste clipboard.
    The file comes from the Focusrite Tape App. In Version 2.0 no problem. Please fix it.

  2. Unfortunately it's a bug in version 2.1 because of different type of WAV headers which creating different functions in iOS. This bug will be fixed in next version which I plan to publish after about a week.

  3. I can suggest workaround for this bug before new version will be released. Not so convenient but it works: You can paste your file in another app as example in Master Record or AudioShare then use "Open file in" to send file in Audio Mastering.